Top-Rated Sit-Up Benches 2015

Situp1Sit-up benches are among the most popular exercise equipment on the market today. This isn’t surprising at all as more and more people are aiming for flat or even toned abs. A sit-up bench can help you a lot to strengthen your core muscles; and you can do this at home. While there are several exercises for abs you can do without equipment, a bench can increase the efficiency of your workouts drastically.

Buying your own sit-up bench comes with a lot of research on your part . This is to ensure that you are spending your money on a piece of equipment that is worth it. There are factors you need to think about first before you go looking for one. Do you need it to be foldable so you can easily store the equipment in a corner? Do you want it to use for other weight training exercises? Is price a great factor in your decision? Whatever your answers for this questions, you’d defnitely find one from our top favorites below.

Top-Rated Adjustable Decline Bench

The XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416 boasts 12 height position settings, making it efficient in providing you consistent gains in muscle tone and strength. This feature also allows anyone who is relatively new to fitness to set the angle of the bench to be at a position that remains challenging for them.You can then scale up the intensity and recruit more abdominal muscles than floor crunches alone as you go along with your exercise regimen. To help make it a little easier to climb onto the bench, a large handle has also been added.

The XMark XM-4416 decline bench can support a wide variety of exercises that target your abs, hips, and obliques. After choosing your preferred decline setting, you can wrap your legs around the padded rollers, lie on the back support pad, and slowly contract your abs. This is what we call the decline crunches. Another exercise you can do with it is the leg raise. This is where the handle attached to the top of the bench comes in so useful. With your head close to the first set of rollers, grip the handle with both hands and with your feet together, raise your legs up towards you. When you feel a good contraction in your abs, lower your legs back to the starting position. These are just two of the many exercises you can do with this sit-up bench. Overall, this is the quality bench you would want to take home.

Top-Rated Folding Sit-Up Bench

If you need a sit-up bench that can be stored easily without taking up too much space, then consider the Folding Sit Up Bench Adjustable Ab Decline. It is suitable for different exercises because of its ability to be adjusted. It also provides an extra-long backboard and comfy modifiable foam pads that secure your legs and ankles when you do your exercise.

You are rest assured that this model can last for years, thanks to its construction, which is from tough steel. Additionally, it folds flat, so you can store it under your bed or inside the closet. It weighs only 22 pounds.

Best Rated Compact Sit-Up Bench

The PowerLine PAB139X Ab Board has the look of a traditional ab bench but with a handful modern touches. It features thick and comfortable foam rollers that keep you locked into position when you do  your exercise. On one hand, the 22-inch back pad can accommodate a wide range of heights. There’s also a sweat-resistant vinyl cushion that is super easy to clean.

This model features a scratch resistant and rust resistant power-coated finish for the frame. Moreover, the frame construction is of heavy-duty steel to assure stabililty during workout. This also ensures that the equipment will last for years even with regular use. The Powerline Ab Board is incredibly effective in isolating the entire abdominal region. Manufacturer carries a 10-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on all other parts.