Top-Rated Rowers on the Market

81JPVMohlwL._SL1500_Getting a rower will get you a lot of benefits — considering you’re going to really do your workouts on it. For one, you can dramatically improve your cardiovascular health. Whenever you perform sustained exercise that increases your heart rate and breath volume, your cardiovascular fitness is on the works as well. Rowing does this because it allows you to engage every major muscle group of your body. What this requires is your pump to do its work, which is to send more blood to your working muscle tissues while buffering toxins out of your system.

Another benefit of rowing indoors or outdoors is that you are able to increase totay-body muscular strength and endurance over time. In rowing, you’re repeatedly pushing and pulling against resistance, which enables a muscle group to continue exerting force. What really makes rowing stand out is that it works your entire body. So, if you are convinced a rowing machine is just the thing you need, here are a few models you can consider.

Top-Rated 2-in-1 Rower

The Avari A150-335 Conversion II is perfect for those who are on budget and want to get the most out of their money while getting the versatility they need out of their workouts. Equipped with a magnetic resistance to deliver an extremely smooth training, it allows you to switch between recumbent biking and rowing without much fuss. However, because of its dual functions, nexperienced users might initially find it hard to assemble the various parts. Though, it comes with easy-to-follow instruction that even novice can get it done.

This model from Stamina boasts n electronic monitor to help you keep a close eye on various fitness-related data such as pulse, calories burned, time, distance and speed. The grips feature a highly sensitive hand pulse sensor to provide an accurate reading of your heartbeat per minute. Its magnetic resistance gives you effective workout every time. Finally, it is designed with firm nylon straps to encourage an intense pull and push motion. It is protected by a 90 days warranty on the parts and 3 years on the frame.

Top-Rated Compact Rower

If you have a small space to do your fitness regimen, consider getting the ProForm 440R Rower. It doesn’t only have a small footprint but is also highly affordable and professionally durable. One of its best highlights is that fact that it can be used in two ways: you can either it in the classic rowing position or, to add some variety to your routine, you can can stand up and use the low pulley station to indulge in some expanded strength training.

The Proform 440R is equipped with a magnetic resistance, which works quietly during workouts. Also, its 8 resistance levels can be easily adjusted through a handy knob. All this makes it a perfect fit for beginners. The rower also features a large-sized LCD screen which is easy enough to read, even from afar. This console allows you to keep a close eye on your progress by monitoring your fitness-related data. Its space-saver design is an added bonus as well, which guarantees easy storage. The ProForm 440R Rower is protected by a 90 day warranty on the parts and 5 years on the frame.

Top-Rated Premium Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is a water-resistant kind of rower. It isn’t only attractive but does its job pretty well, too. Completely handcrafted, it features a solid and dense walnut construction to absorb any excess vibration and sound, guaranteeing an ultra-comfortable and quiet workout. Additionally, it is one of those rare models that have been conceived to support a user capacity of 1000 pounds.

The WaterRower Classic is designed with a patented WaterFly Wheel which is located right in the water tank. This system provides an extremely realistic rowing motion. Water resistance is actually considered as the best out there because it provides a fully customizable resistance setting. A hard, deep pull on the handle provides a higher resistance level while a lighter pull provides a lower tension. This way, any inexperienced user can set their own tension level. Additionally, there is an S4 display window on this machine. It keeps track f various data such as distance, duration, zone bar, stroke rate, heart rate and resistance level. Finally, it comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and 3 years on the parts.

Top-Rated Commercial-Grade Rower

The First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower is for people who are looking for top-graded machine that will surely get them working everytime. It presents a plethora of features designed to help you with your fitness goals. With no less than 20 levels of resistance, it can cater whatever fitness level you are in. It is also because of this that you’d often see the rower model in gyms, healthy clubs and training bases. While it is a tad pricier than other models,this rower has been built to last for a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

The E-520 is also equipped with an oversized performance monitor which displays a variety of information such as distance rowed, stroke count, stroke speed, calories burned, distance covered and time. It even allows you to hold virtual races with other athletes using an innovative program. Additionally, there’s a USB port that you can use to transmit your fitness-related information to your computer. Another great addition put into this model is its advanced heel cradle footboard system that maximizes the comfort you need while working out while keeping cramps at bay. Also, its thickly padded seat comes with an optional back support and has been positioned at an ‘office chair’ height, allowing you to easily climb on and off the machine. Also, since the seat is positioned above the ground, it draws in more gravitational pull, enhancing your workout intensity. Moreover, it is xtremely easy to maintain since it has a belt drive instead of a chain, which completely eliminates the need for lubrication or oiling. Finally, it is protected by a solid warranty of 2 years for the wearing monitor and components, 3 years for the seals and tanks and 10 years on the frame.