Top-Rated Hybrid Elliptical Trainers

81F4xbseArL._SL1500_Can’t decide whether to get a recumbent bike or an elliptical machine? Why not get them both but with the price of one?

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers had finally come up with a product t that can be used in to ways. The hybrid elliptical trainer is exactly that: one part recumbent bike, one part elliptical trainer. One benefit of getting such machine is that you’re saving up space. Instead of getting two, you’re getting the combination.

But how exactly are you going to choose the best for you? There are various models now available on the market, and choosing one can get really confusing and difficult. It is then important to first define what you want and how much you are willing to pay to get it. Research is key. And to narrow down your choices, we have compiled below a few of the top-rated hybrid elliptical trainers.

Top-Rated High-End Hybrid Elliptical Trainer

The Octane Fitness XR 6000 impressively combines comfort and effective and challenging workout, making it worth every penny you’re going to spend for it. It is quite expensive, but it makes up for it with the plethora of features it offers to users.For starter, it is tested safe even for those who are suffering from back injuries; in fact, it is one of the best elliptical trainers in terms of advanced ergonomics design.

Additionally, the XR 6000 boasts a leg press that is designed to focus on the lower body and a chest press that is made to focus on strength-building and training the upper body. It also has multiple adjustments and customizations that you can do to fit into what you want for the day and ti make your workout as comfortable as possible. Moreover, it is equipped with 20 seat-height positions to accommodate any user height. It has five tilt settings as well that allow you to customize your workout. Finally, it is designed with five heart hare-controlled programs for your cardiovascular fitness routine.

Here are other features that may convince you to get this hybrid elliptical trainer:

  • LED display. This is a 15-inch wide, full-color touchscreen display that is available on the XR6000 Touch version. What’s great about this display is that the screen feedback can be divided into two, allowing you to see both the stats and entertainment simultaneously .
  • Instructional videos that come with the XR6000 Touch package.
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors
  • Three-speed console fan to keep you cool during workout.

Top-Rated Premium Hybrid Elliptical Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 is a top of the line hybrid elliptical trainer. It offers almost everything you’ll ever need for both your workout and entertainment — all the while preventing impact on your joints. It also offers four user profiles wherein each user can customize his own workout programs. This is why it is recommended for home gyms with shared workout areas for the whole family.

The M7 lets you spend at least 14 minutes to feel the burn. In fact, there’s even a short 7-minute workout on board, which can torch the calorie equivalent of about 15 minutes on a treadmill. Even so, you’ll feel more invigorated than exhausted after workouts. Additionally, it has a wide selection of resistance levels, which is up to 20. It also has 11 preset workouts, and it sports durable stainless steel performance pedals.

Here are other features designed into this machine:

  • Wireless hear-rate monitoring
  • Water bottle holder
  • Media shelf
  • Sync with Bowflex Fitness app

Top-Rated Hybrid Elliptical for the Money

The Yowza Naples Elite Hybrid is a top-notch machine in its own rights. It has one of the best technologies in its class. Between the Bluetooth scale and the 16 included levels of resistance, there is nothing lacking when it comes to features and convenience with this elliptical machine. It is also equipped with entertainment features to keep you from being bored while you work out.

The Elite comes with 16 levels of resistance to provide you the flexibility in your fitness routine. And it is a great addition to a family home gym, thanks to its ability to store nine user profiles. The transportation wheels are a great addition, too, as these make it easier for the machine to be moved from one place to another. Finally, the company offers a lifetime warranty for the machine.

Top-Rated Compact Hybrid Elliptical Machine

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is an entry-level elliptical machine from Bowflex. However, although it is fairly more affordable than other models out there, it is designed with features that promise the twice the calories that a treadmill can help you burn. It is jam-packed with the power and drive needed to truly challenge your body without having to put strain on your knees and joints. There is also reduced impact on injury-prone regions like back and knees.

Like any other elliptical trainer, expect that you can adjust the resistance on this machine. In fact, it offers eight levels of resistance that can be changed manually using the dial on the handlebars. Additionally, you can adjust the intensity you want in a given day. The M3 can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds as well.

Its console area is unlike the traditional look you may have come to see on other trainers. There are just a few program controls and the turn dial for resistance. To monitor heart rate, a chest strap is included. You are also given access to two built-in workout programs and two user profiles. Additionally, the machine is designed with a water bottle holder and media shelf to store your devices. Overall, you’ll love this machine’s portability and reliable features.