Best Rated Treadmills Under $500

The treadmill machine is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in a gym, whether commercial or home. In fact, a fitness enthusiast who opt to ditch the gym and just stay at home to do her own exercise would usually want to buy a treadmill as his first exercise buddy. If you are […]

Best Heart Rate Monitors for the Money

The benefits of a heart rate monitor to any fitness regimen may seem superficial at first, but as you go along the ride, you’ll soon find out it can actually maximize whatever you can get from a training program. If your main goal is to lose weight, your focus must be on burning the most […]

Best Resistance Bands on the Market

It may sound unbelievable to hear that a giant rubber band can actually physically benefit you. In fact, a resistance band is one of the most popular exercise accessories out there, — a budget-friendly one that you can add to your home gym. It is also a better choice for some over that of a […]

Best Jump Ropes for CrossFit

Have you been reading a lot of people’s posts that mention the word CrossFit? If you’ve been on Instagram, chances are, you follow or friends with aone who does CrossFit. But what is exactly this form of exercise? According to the CrossFit website: “CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical […]

Best Exercise Balls for Pregnant Women

Contrary to old beliefs, exercising is actually recommended for pregnant women. Recommended physical activities can help you reduce body pains, especially that of the back and legs. Moreover, they make it easier for you to move around. They can also ease labor pain. One of the most recommended form of exercises is through the use […]

Best Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

There is no shortage of weight-lifting accessories on the market, and one of the essentials you need to own when you want to start with this type of exercise is a pair of wrist straps. The purpose of this accessory is to provide support to the wrist joint during heavy or max effort lifts in pressing […]

Best Commercial Elliptical Trainers

Choosing the best elliptical trainer for your home gym that has the quality of a commercial one can be challenging, not only in terms of actually finding the right one but also in terms of financial capability. More often than not, commercial-quality exercise equipment can cost a lot of money. But if it is gym-quality […]

Best Exercise Balls for Women

Fitness equipment and accessories come and go, but sometimes, there are those that actually make us exclaim, “This makes sense!” One great example is the so-called exercise ball, an effective tool for building your core strength. In fact, fitness experts agree that this certain exercise accessory is one of the best ways to strengthen the abs […]

Best Ab Wheels for the Money

An ab wheel is a powerful tool to train your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, and back. It allows you perform an effective and efficient ab workout. This is because exercises done with this equipment are tough yet are the best in helping you develop the kind of core stability you need to get your muscles […]

Best Mats for Outdoor Yoga

Being outside and one with nature can intensify your yoga experience in so many ways. As Hatha Yoga teacher Hilary Kimblin said, “Yoga means ‘union,’ and when it’s practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt.” A breeze can deepen one’s breathing. The warm sun can improve poses by […]