Best Ab Crunch Machines on the Market

One of the most popular ab exercises is the crunch. Although it doesn’t necessarily need any machine for one to successfully do it, there are studies that have found this exercise to cause neck and lower-back strain, which can be a major reason for you to quit doing ab crunches. This is where an ab machine comes […]

Best Mid-Range Home Gyms

If you want to be tough, you’ve got to do something tough. That is exactly what a home gym system is all about. While strength training is one of the most overlooked form of exercise, it has a bunch of great benefits that you may otherwise not get from other fitness programs. But why is […]

Best Home Gyms for the Money

Strength training is one focus of home gyms, but this aspect of fitness is sometimes overlooked by users. Truth is, it is an integral part of a well-round fitness routine. Strengthening your muscles through resistance exercises has many benefits, from losing excess fat to maintaining healthy bone mass and preventing muscle loss as you age. It […]

Best Rated Home Gyms on the Market

Home gyms, more commonly known as strength training exercise equipment, have been the ideal go-to pieces for people who want to increase their physical strength and improve their cardiovascular condition. However, those are not the only benefits of egularly exercising on one. Another advantage of exercising on a home gym  is weight loss; as your […]

Best Compact Treadmills on the Market

When you are planning to buy your own treadmill, there are things you need to consider first before you splurge on your cash. For one, you need to think of size and safety, two of the primary factors that make up the quality of a treadmill. As an example, you should check the belt length. […]

Best Rated Treadmills on the Market

Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise equipment on the market today. Wherever gym or fitness club you go, you will always a number of them in one spot. This is no surprising, because treadmills provide a low impact yet effective way of getting fit. No matter what your budget is, make sure you’re […]

Top-Rated Upright Bike for the Money

Selecting the right upright bike is just like looking for your outdoor bike: you have to consider comfort, durability, and overall quality. But with the wide array of options presented to yu, how to make it a lot easier to arrive at that one upright bike you would be satisfied paying for? The first thing […]

Best Commercial-Quality Upright Bike

If it’s hard for you to trust anything but commercial-grade products, the upright bikes we have in this list will surely calm down your doubts. An upright bike is a good alternative to gyms, jogging, or outdoor cycling. But that’s just the beginning of its benefits. Of course, all the rest of the benefits are connected […]

Best Upright Bike to Buy

Present in almost every gym is the upright bike. Its reliability lies in its ability to provide you with a full-body workout without putting excessive strain on your joints. It is then understandable if you are in the hunt for an upright bike to add to your home gym equipment. Nowadays, people are looking into […]

Best Elliptical Trainers for Women

Exercising on an elliptical trainer is like walking in midair. You may never feel the burn of the exercise, but the benefits will show in the long run. For women, an elliptical trainer is a good start in toning up your arms and legs. While it doesn’t primarily target the ab muscles, those parts are […]