Top-Rated Inversion Tables to buy for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is something most of us would sufffer some time in our lives. Its intensity can range from a dull, constant pain to a sudden, sharp ache that makes it difficult for you to move. It can also start quickly when you do something, such as lifting things, or it can get worse throughout […]

Best Rated Inversion Tables On the Market

A number of studies¬†over the past few years have proven the benefits of of inversion therapy. For one, it is effective in improving posture and rejuvenating the spinal discs. This is why the inversion table is such an integral part of inversion therapy. An inversion table can help realign the spinal column, which, in turn, […]

Best Inversion Tables for the Money

There are so many models and brands of inversion tables available on the market, but not all of them offer the same level of performance. Just like other products, there are only few that outshine all the others in terms of durability, price, and overall effectivity. When you’re looking for an inversion table yourself to […]

Top-Rated Inversion Tables 2015

Over time, our spine becomes compressed, and this may cause different spine problems, such as osteoporosis. This is where an inversion table comes in really helpful. This exercise equipment is designed to use¬†gravity to relieve some of the pressure on this part of your body. Hanging upside down or at a position where the head […]

Best Inversion Tables on the Market

Ever wondered why bats are upside down when they sleep or just taking a flight rest? Well, we may never get the answer straight from these creatures, but our dear scientists have discovered why going upside down is a great thing for human beings. There are numerous amount of health benefits that you can get […]