Best Exercise Balls for Pregnant Women

Contrary to old beliefs, exercising is actually recommended for pregnant women. Recommended physical activities can help you reduce body pains, especially that of the back and legs. Moreover, they make it easier for you to move around. They can also ease labor pain. One of the most recommended form of exercises is through the use […]

Best Exercise Balls for Women

Fitness equipment and accessories come and go, but sometimes, there are those that actually make us exclaim, “This makes sense!” One great example is the so-called exercise ball, an effective tool for building your core strength. In fact, fitness experts agree that this certain exercise accessory is one of the best ways to strengthen the abs […]

Best Exercise Balls on the Market

Exercise balls do look the same, but they are not created equal. They do differ in terms of size, comfort level, durability and overall quality. Choosing one would take research, but here’s a key point: since you will using the ball with so many different body positions, the size of the ball does really matter […]