Best Weight Benches Under $100

slim-in-the-gym-00-fiss431You may think  that you need no weight bench when you want to use free weights in your fitness regime, but experts would tell you it is a must-have. In fact, you can start your home gym with free weights and a weight bench, and you’re all set to go.

If you go to a fitness stire, though, you may get overwhelmed not only by the numbers of brands and models available but also by the unbelievable hefty prices. You go online and there’s a lot more models, but this time, you can get one that’s even less than a hundred dollars. Here are few of our best picks.

Best Mullti-Purpose Weight Bench

For about half a hundred dollars, you can already take the Marcy Platinum Utility Bench home and do a lot of possible exercises. This one has a sturdy design and comfortable padding that make it an ideal free-weight unit, especially if you have a normal average weight. Its frame is constructed from powder-coated steel. It features four back positions that lets you enjoy the freedom of flat, incline, decline, and military style presses. Padded rollers provide a comfortable perch for forearms and legs when performing isolation exercises. Finally, it can be folded for easy storage.

Best Standard Weight Bench

The Innova Deluxe Standard Weight Bench is ideal for both the beginner and advanced fitness enthusiast. It boasts a durable steel tubing with a bar holder and leg developer. This is also a multi-position bench, so it helps you get full-body training. Designed for versatility, the bench offers one decline position, one flat position, and three incline positions. It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Top-Rated Fitness Weight Bench

Made with two oversize tubular steel, the York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench has a solid construction that will assure you its durability, which will make it last for years even with regular use. It is also equipped with extra thick cushioning for maximum comfort while you work out. Moreover, there’s a rack to hold 3 pairs of the company’s “Fitbells.” Finally, there are wheel rollers and handle that allow for easy movement and storage.

Best Adjustable Weight-Lifting Bench

The Confidence Fitness Adjustable Weight Lifting Bench is more than just your utility bench. It can be adjusted to different positions for different exercise intensity levels. It is also equipped with both a leg extention and bench press stations for your legs, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Finally,  a comfortable high-density seat and back pad will give you the support you need while you do your exercise routine.