Best Rowing Machines for All Fitness Levels

rowing2Rowing machines were once thought to be just another fitness fad. However, as manufacturers developed them with the time’s most advanced technology, they have become a necessary equipment in the gym. The popularity of this machine may as well be due to its simplicity: a user sweats through a 30- to 60-minute workout designed to mimic the benefits of true water-based rowing.

Why would you one choose this exercise? It’s quite simple, actually: rowing is tough, which makes it work. Rowing machines provide resistance through one of three mechanisms: magnets, water, or air. In all cases, the resistance is created at the flywheel, making it more or less difficult for the user to pull on the handles and extend the strap, rope, or chain. Your choice of mechanism depends on your workout style. If versality counts, gor for air or water resistance.

With all this in mind, here are a few suggestions.

Best Heavy-Duty Rowing Machine

The First Degree Fitness Pacific Challenge AR Rowing Machine is one of the most coveted machines of First Degree’s Horizontal Series, thanks to it being a reliable investment to anyone who wishes to lose weight or maintain a healthy standard of living. Easy to use, solid and highly durable, this machine also boasts the comfort it can provide to users who are focused on working out their different body parts.

The First Degree rower is equipped with water resistant magnetism,which works through a set of paddles that have been attached in a water tank. With such resistance, the harder you row, the more tension you have to face, which is an easy way for you to control how difficult you work out for the day. What’s more, you can adjust the resistance by adding or getting water out of the tank. And the better part is that you need not to unlock the tank at all. This machine is designed with a siphon system that allows you to simply turn a knob attached to the tank to give you the level of water you need. Additionally, this rower comes with comes with a multifunctional performance console that will allow you to keep track of your workout data such as: distance, time, heart reception, interval training, strokes per minute, and calories per hour. Finally, it is covered by a solid manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year on all wearing parts, 2 years on the mechanical components and 3 years on the seals and tanks.

Best 2-in-1 Rowing Machine

If you’re on a budget and want to maximize your money as much as possible, the Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II is the perfect fit. With it, you can reap the benefits of both cycling and rowing. Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to get a separate indoor bike, because this model from Stamina is both a recumbent bike and a rowing machine. And it is extremely easy even for novices who have never dealt with any ecxercise equipment before. In spite of it being a two-in-one machine, users who have one said they hadn’t a hard time assembling it.

What really is amazing about this machine is that you can switch from recumbent bike to a rowing machine and vice versa with the mere flip of a button. It is also equipped with a strength training mode. With its magnetic resistance, the machine draws its energy from a flywheel to cause enough tension for a full-body workout. The harder your resistance level, the harder you will have to row or cycle. This feature can actually come in handy to any inexperienced athlete who wants to build up some stamina before engaging in a tougher workout session. You also get eight resistance settings and select the one most appropriate to your overall strength. The only drawback is that it has a limiting 250 pounds of maximum capacity. Finally, it is easy to store: you can fold it and make it rest upright against the wall or any solid surface.

Best Durable Rowing Machine

To get the most out of your money, get a durable rowing machine. And that is exactly what the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull is all about. Designed to produce a genuine sensation of outdoors rowing, it is designed with dual oars for a full-body workout. With two hydraulic cylinders and a 12-level resistance setting, it provides a quite realistic rowing motion. Moreover, its dense and solid build quality ensures that the machine doesn’t budge even during the most intense workouts.

The HCI Fitness rowing machine is most known for its hydraulic, independently controlled pistons that will allow you to take full advantage of its outrigger design by either exerting more pressure on one arm or go for an equal level of tension on both sides of the body. In fact, this feature comes really handy for anyone in rehabilitation or with disabilities. Additionally, you can select between twelve different levels of tension. It also features an incline system, which allows you how much you want to engageyour legs in the workout. A steeper incline exerts more pressure on the legs while a lower one engages the arms more than the lower body. Finally, it is backed by a solid one year warranty on the parts and frame.

Best High-End Rowing Machine

Yet another outrigger-style rowing machine you may want to consider is the Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower that boasts its ability to provide highly enjoyable and comfortable workout. In fact, this is the most recommended model from Kettler’s line and is often used for heavy-duty purposes in gyms or military bases. This is why it is in the expensive side of the spectrum.

The Kadett is constructed with  rock solid steel frame which remains completely stationary no matter how hard you work out. The frame, on one hand, is generously coated in high carbon steel to ensure longevity even with minimal maintenance. And since it is designed with an outrigger style, it can provide you highly realistic sculling motions which will certainly make you feel like you’re working out on a stretch of open water. Its hydraulic piston resistance is extremely quiet as well and offers 12 resistance levels that you can adjust according to your preference of the day.