Best Rated Rowing Machines for the Money

ats_6-270When you have finally decided to commit yourself to a life of healthy living, this doesn’t mean you need to immediately enrol in a gym class and start pounding yourself with weights or get to the pavement for a long-distance run. You can start small and gradually move up the ladder as you go.

If you plan to start a home gym of your own, the first pieces of equipment you should buy are the ones you are sure to use even in your laziest days. One of the most recommended pieces is the rowing machine. Using a rowing machine can help to build and tone your muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina. This is a very reliable exercise machine, especially when you are a fitness beginner. It doesn’t give strains in your back and joints when you work out.

With this said, here are a few models you can consider buying.

Best Mid-Range Rowing Machine

The Lifecore R88 is an enhanced rowing machine that boasts a variety of features you can take advantage of when you work out. It will allow you  to efficiently and safely burn more calories and reach your target weight. Best of all, this rower is perfectly suitable for individuals with lower back problems as well as knee and joint aches, as it won’t give you too much pressure on those areas. It comes in separate parts when the package arrives at your doorstep. Although some users reported difficulty in assembling the parts, it doesn’t really take a handyman to do it. After all, it arrives with a detailed and fully illustrated instructions manual that provides step-by-step diagrams to facilitate the assembling process.

This machine is equipped with a color LCD display which is large enough to be viewed without having to pause your workout. This monitor gathers a plethora of data such as your total rowing strokes, strokes per minute, calories speed, total workout time, 500m time and distance. It is also designed with an air-operated flywheel, which alllows it to generate both air and magnetic resistance. The resistance knob is also very easy to handle and ergonomically positioned to facilitate ease of use. Finally, it is of club-quality construction  with a solid steel support and extruded aluminum frame, which prevents the machine from budging even during the most intense and challenging workouts. It has a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds. Finally, it is  protected by a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years for the parts, 90 days for labor and lifetime for the frame.

Best Premium Rowing Machine

If you want the feel of true rowing, then the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is one of the few machines that can give you quality value. The best feature of this machine is its exceptionally smooth and silent row, this is thanks to its water resistance design. This type of resistance operates through the water paddles that have been suspended in the provided tank of water. The paddles are designed to spin whenever the user pulls on the handle, hence providing a fully customable level of tension. And for one, the company itself, WaterRower, is internationally acclaimed for its use of Ethically Sourced wood from Appalachian forests.

The WaterRower machine is also equipped S4 multifunctional performance monitor that tracks your target fitness zone, stroke rate, workout intensity, distance, calories and time. The display can even be split into several windows, allowing you to read all your data at the same time. Since the rower is built from Ash Wood, it can easily sustain intense workouts and is solid enough not to budge even during lengthy and intense training sessions. This product is coated in urethane and Danish oil which gives it a sleek look while maximizing its durability, assuring you that it is going to take a pot of pounding for several years. And while it looks large, this machine is actually very easy to store away. The base is quite light in spite of its dense build, and can easily be stored vertically. It also has dual caster wheel, which allows you to move the rower.

Best Rowing Machine for the Money

The Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower has a striking look to it, and once you sit down on it and start working out, you’d know your eyes didn’t fool you one bit. Built with a metal pull-chain and an oversized ergonomic chrome seat rail, this rowing machine is one of the best recommended for fitness clubs and commercial gyms. Acclaimed by fitness gurus and trainers worldwide, this machine boasts of several handy features.

One of the most striking features this rowing machine has is its metal pull-chain, which has been designed to promote durability while engaging every main muscular group in the body. It delivers extra strength to boost up your stamina, hence allowing your body to get used to intense workouts in a short amount of time. Additionally, this rower features an efficient air-resistant workout which encourages your body to work against a spinning fan attached to the very end of the machine. Additionally, it has six tension settings that can cater to all fitness levels. It has an electronic display console enhanced with a LED backlit screen. All in all, this machine gives value for the price.

Best Commercial Rowing Machine

The Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine is yet another machine that is worth considering. It stands out from a lot of models out there because it comes with a Belt Drive instead of the traditional rowing machine you see a lot from other rowing machines. The advantage of such is that it is extemely quiet, without any of the customary whirring and purring noises that always seem to accompany poorly-built models.

It is designed with a unique magnetic and air flywheel resistance. It offers 16 levels of resistance make the rower perfect for athletes of various fitness levels because it allows you to set your own pace and work the tension setting that you personally think you can handle. The flywheel has also been conceived to generate air during your training and this can be felt during lower resistance settings. Finally, it is rotected by a warranty of 5 years on the parts, 1 year on labor and lifetime on the frame.