Best Rated Indoor Cycling Bikes

sb900-7-280Cycling bikes are one of the most lined-up pieces of exercise equipment in the gym, and it is not hard to see why. Cycling, after all, is one of the most figure-friendly exercises that promotes rapid and safe weight loss. In fact, a mere hour of spinning can help you burn between 300 to 1200 calories, depending on the resistance levels you select when you work out.

While going to the gym to work on one of these bikes is a great choice, it can be very expensive in the long run. If you are planning to do your fitness regimen for a really long time, the most practical thing to do is to buy your own indoor cycling bike. To help you decide, here are some of our favorites you can check out.

Best Rated Professional Indoor Cycling Bike

Designed to help you experience high-intensity workouts, the Sole SB900 features a basic yet extremely solid design, which promises to help you lose up to 1200 calories per hour of use. That means, if you’re going to regularly use this machine in a week, you’d be able to shred 10 pounds!

This bike is designed to very closely mimic the sensation of outdoors biking. Because it maintains your body in an upright position, you will also be able to train your arms, waist and hips. If you don’t know it yet, these are actually the parts of the body that stock up a lot of fats. Although the Sole SB900 is expensive, it certainly worth the price with all the perks that come with it. For one, it is equipped with a plethora of customizable features that will help you benefit from a challenging training session. It has a weighted flywheel designed to draw every major muscle group. It also comes with  a 3 x 4 LCD display screen that will enable you to keep a close watch on your fitness goals. You can also make the most out of the sensors to track your heart rate. Additionally, its adjustable resistance will only take a turn of an easy-to-reach knob that is located right opposite the seat. Indeed, you’ll love to spend money for this indoor bike.

Best Rated Indoor Bike for the Money

The Bladez Fitness Fusion GS Bike is another model to consider, especially when you’re on a budget. Since it is exceptionally easy to use, beginners as well as more experienced users can definitely master it in no time. It even comes with a wide range of features to add some extra challenges to your training session.

The Bladez Fusion GS is built using an oval tube frame to enhance its stability. What does this entail for your workout? It is simple. No matter how vigorous you want your workout to be, it won’t budge, keeping you away from possible injuries. Additionally, it comes with a maximum user capacity of 275 pounds, which makes it suited or overweight or obese users. And like most professional-grade indoor bikes, it is equipped with a large and heavy 40 pound flywheel designed to draw every major muscle group of your body into the motions. Thanks to the flywheel, you will also be able to experience a consistent and extremely smooth momentum. Finally, it does include a handy display console designed to help you track each and every relevant piece of fitness-related data.

Best Rated Heavy-Duty Indoor Bike

Boasting its gym-quality features is the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic. For starter, it is equipped with 16 resistance levels that can be adjusted according to your fitness level. Moreover, you can select 14 workout programs that mimic just about any type of terrain — from mountain to hills and everything in between. It also has four cardiovascular programs that will help you keep a close eye on your  heart rates and enjoy a completely safe training session.

This particular model is designed with a handy blue backlit LCD screen that displays your fitness-related data such as distance covered, calories burned, time, cadence and heart rate. Also, it boasts an ultra-sensitive heart monitor placed on the handlebars, which comes especially handy for those that like to keep track of their heart rate changes as they workout or that want to stay within a target heart rate. The console is also quite wide which means that you can easily view it without pausing your workout or straining your neck. Since it is made of high-quality material, expect it to remain completely steady even during the most energetic workouts. This feature is enhanced by the heavy-duty 31 pounds flywheel which provides excellent momentum. Lastly, since this machine can accommodate an impressive maximum user weight of 300 pounds, it can easily be used by obese or overweight people.

Best Rated Indoor Bike for All Levels

If you’re maintaining your ideal weight or you’re just under 275 pounds, yoou don’t need the most heavy-duty exercise bike. Our best recommendation is the top-rated Sunny Health & Fitness Pro. It boasts its 40-pound flywheel that delivers sufficient aggressive inertia to create a fluid, smooth 360-degree pedal stroke. That smoothness is what makes an indoor cycling bike different from an indoor exercise bike. It also features comfortable seat and versatile handlebars that are fully adjustable. This allows you a wide range of tension options so you can vary the stress placed on your body.

Another great feature is the chain drive mechanism that makes it much less noisy when you are cycling. It may not be fancy like those bikes with electronic displays, but this is actually a good thing. You don’t necessary have to have a heart-rate monitor to get the fitness job done.