Best Pull-Up Bars Under $100

Iron-Gym-pull-up-bar5A pull-up bar is an affordable yet great addition to any home workout gym. It is suited for both advanced fitness enthusiasts and beginners. And because of its conveniency that it is one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment on the market today.

To help you on your muscle building journey, we’ve gathered a list of the best pull-up bars that won’t cost you more than a hundred dollars. Check the list below.

Best Doorway Pull-Up Bar

The advantage of having a doorway pull-up bar is that you don’t need too much time setting it up, and it is very compact that you need not worry whether or not you have a spacious house or gym to put it on. One of the best rated doorway pull-up bars on the market is the New ProSource Heavy-Duty, which boasts a high-grade steel construction. The benefit of such construction material is twofold: stability and durability. This means you are rest assured that you won’t get injured during workout because of broken parts and that the equipment will last for years even with regular use. In addition to that, this pull-up bar model is portable and fits most doorways 24″-32″ thick.

The ProSource doorway pull-up bar is equipped with the brand’s heavy-duty construction technology that ensures comfortable grips. Additionally, its multi-grip positions allow you to work muscles from different angles. Aside from being a doorway pull-up bar, you can also mount this on a wall. It has a maximum user weight limit of 300 pounds.

Best Rated Deluxe Pull-Up Bar

The Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar is one of the best rated pull-up bars on Amazon and other online merchants, and this isn’t surprising at all. It has a very solid built, with its heavy-duty steel construction. There are a lot of pull-up bars that support a maximum weight of around 230 to 250. Because of the quality of this one, it can hold up to 300 pounds on a good door frame. More than that is its 12 different grip positions. This is much more than what other pull-up bars can offer. You usually only get around 6 with others.

Another great feature of this deluxe pull-up bar is its multiple sizes. For someone with a wider door, you can get a wider bar. It isn’t adjustable, but the sizes offered should cover most people. You also get an optional kit if you’re still a beginner to the kind of exercise it delivers. Indeed, this is the equipment that is well worth the price.

Best Joist-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

The Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar is the perfect choice of equipment if you don’t have much space at home, especially when you are living in an apartment or condo. It can be installed anywhere there is an exposed beam or joist and you will not have to sacrifice any floor space. What’s more, it is built with padded foam grips with textured knurled steel grips underneath. This counts for additional comfort while you’re doing your exercise.

This pull-up bar offers multiple grip options, giving you the versatility to choose which muscle group to focus on a particular day. Additionally, you can use this unit for wide grip pull ups, chin-ups, neutral grip pull ups, hanging knees raises. The joist mount pull up bar from Ultimate Body Press also makes an excellent anchor point for gymnastic rings or other suspension training products. Overall, this durable equipment is a satisfying buy.

Best Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Ceiling-mounted bars are superior to doorway or wall-mounted bars because they allow more space for you to exercise. They allow space to do pull-ups with crunches, hip flexion and leg twists — moves that are difficult with doorway and wall-mounted bars. Our top choice for this kind of pull-up bar ist the Ultimate Body Press Wall or 9ft Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar. Its precision 48″ on-center mount holes perfectly span 16″ and 24″ ceiling joists or wall studs. Moreover, its 22″ risers are ideal for 9′ ceilings. Since this product is nearly 2-feet out from the wall, it provides better clearance for the feet plus you just don’t feel scrunched up against the wall.

The fit and finish of this model is impressive as well. The triangular piece at the top is a very solid,reinforcement that gives an extra level of protection versus those that just have a straight “t” connection. There are a total of four contacts to hold it to the ceiling. This is an especially important point if you are heavier — a single point of contact can strip or come loose. Four points (2 on each side) makes for a much more secure hold with better distribution of weight.