Best Heart Rate Monitors for the Money

heart-rate-monitor-ecgThe benefits of a heart rate monitor to any fitness regimen may seem superficial at first, but as you go along the ride, you’ll soon find out it can actually maximize whatever you can get from a training program.

If your main goal is to lose weight, your focus must be on burning the most amount of calories per session. And you can achieve this by balancing the intensity and the amount of time you’re going to exercise. One of the few ways to do this is finding your correct target heart rate zone. This is where a heart rate monitor becomes important.

To help you out, here are a few suggestions of the best heart rate monitors on the market.

Best Rated Heart Monitor

The MeasuPro Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to monitor your vital blood pressure and pulse rate readings while providing you with the knowledge you need to maintain and improve your health. This automated blood pressure monitor is equipped with two-user storage profiles, which makes it easy to store and organize readings for two people. This is a great choice if you’re a little tight on budget; you can share it with someone close to you who is also trying to get fit.

The measurements taken by this device, which are done through a fast and easy process using Measure and Inflate technology, are stored in the correct user’s profile by simply pressing the user’s number icon. Results of the measurements will be displayed and classified in accordance with the classification of the blood pressure by the American Heart Association. Additionally, it records up to 120 blood pressure readings — 60 readings per user — with date and time memory recall. Finally, it calculates and averages your blood pressure based on the last three readings and detects irregular heartbeats and any arrhythmia’s.

Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor

The Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor provides real-time heart rate to compatible mobile training apps, including Polar Beat and Polar Flow, via low energy Bluetooth Smart technology. And because of its Bluetoooth capability, you can connect it with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad mini and iPod Nano (7th generation). It also connects with Android 4.3 or later devices, such as HTC One, LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Sony Xperia Z1.

Another great feature of this heart rate monitor is its replaceable battery. or optimal battery life, detach transmitter from chest strap after every use. Finally, it comes with a soft fabric chest strap that seamlessly adapts to your body shape and a limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Are you most comfortable with an armband compared to any other types of heart rate monitor? If so, the Scosche RHYTHM plus Heart Rate Monitor Armband. It is an an all new workout tool for managing heart rate, calories burned, distance, and pace among other things. It also accurately monitors your intensity level. RHYTHM plus works with most popular health and fitness apps, including DigiFit Run keeper and MapMyFitness Strava. It easily attaches to your forearm for full wireless communication with any of your modern devices. Finally, with its dual-mode processor, you can simultaneously transmit your heart rate to multiple ANT+ displays and your favorite Bluetooth Smart(TM) enabled watch or smartphone app.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Under $50

A little under budget? The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is one of the best choices out there. What we love the most about this heart rate monitor is its Move Bar feature. This will motivate you to be active throughout the day by displaying a red move bar after one hour of inactivity. Additional segments light up for every 15 minutes of inactivity. To reset, you need to do a few walks.

Another advantage of this monitor over other models is its long battery life. In fact, it stays on for more than a year without having to change the battery. It also learns your activity level and assigns a personalized goal each morning. It records calories burned throughout the day including base metabolic rate, too. Finally, just set the  sleep mode when you go to bed, and it tracks the quality of your rest. You are really getting a lot from this little monster.