Best Door Frame Pull-Up Bars

Iron-Gym-Pull-Up-BarDoor frame pull up bars are the ideal tool for performing an intense upper body workout at home, especially when you have a small space to move around.  They are so useful and inexpensive that just about anyone serious about building a sculpted physique can own one. One of the huge benefits of this type of exercise equipment is they’re extremely compact while at the same time, able to handle a lot of weight. They usually can accommodate a user around 300 lbs.

Some of the best pull up bars have multiple grip options for getting even more variety in your workout. This is particularly beneficial if you need motivation every time you have to do your exercises. With a door frame pull up bar, though, make sure the construction of your house is strong enough to handle the device. If so, here are some of the most suggested models.

Best Rated Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar can be mounted anywhere in your home whether it is your living room, garage, basement or any other room. It covers very little space, so it easily gets fit in your living room or exercise room with your other pieces of exercise equipment. Additionally, this pull-up bar doesn’t only fit on door frames but on floors as well. You can mount it on the floor and do pushups and sit ups.

When assembled, the total cross bar length is just a hair under 37″ wide. In addition, a plainly visible metal safety clip has to be installed between the top of the door frame and the wall. Overall, this is a quality pull-up bar that you can buy at a very affordable price.

Best Quality Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

Pull up bar uses the weight of person for creating resistance. An ordinary bar made of poor quality material cannot work for longer time. The highlighting feature of Big Mike’s Fitness Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar is that it is made of heavy duty chrome-plated steel. This adds strength and endurance to the bar, making it more reliable and efficient. Moreover, it has a solid foam on its hand grips that makes it easier to perform workouts.

You can fix it on any doorframe as its length is adjustable. It can easily be mounted on doorways that are up to 36 inches in width. It can bear weight up to 300 lb. which means that in addition to ordinary people, athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen or anyone else with bulky body can easily use it without any fear of it getting broken or dismounted.

Best Multi-Grip Door Frame Pull Bar

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro leaves up to its name: it offers multi-grip functions. You can perform three kinds of pullup with this model, namely: wide, close, and hammer. Its wide grip handle is angled which allows you to comfortably perform wide grip pullups. This key pullup movement will help you achieve the “V-Cut” look with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. You can also turn it over to do pushups, situps or dips.

This adjusts in height to help ensure a secure fit in your doorframe. It fits a wide range of door frames from 27” to 35” wide. It is also build with the brand’s patented door frame guards that use a unique flat design with thick foam pads to help protect your doorframe. Moreover, it is easy to install and does not require any drilling. This particular model is built to last and to bear a user weight limit of 300 pounds.