Best Commercial Treadmills for the Money

71cUVR5YJJL._SL1500_Don’t have the chance to take a run or jog outside? If you are committed to a healthier lifestyle and jogging or running is the one you fancy to do to be active, then better get a treadmill. If you have money to spare, we suggest you buy a commercial treadmill even when you’re going to place it in your home. This is because commercial treadmills are built to last. They also have features you wouldn’t find in home treadmills.

Here are some of our favorite commercial treadmills. Check them out and see if one fits your need.

Best Commercial Marathon Treadmill

Aesthetically speaking, the ProForm Boston Marathon Exercise Treadmill is a machine that’s hard to beat. It really does look good wherever you put it. But that is not the only thing that’s great about this machine; it is also a real value for money. As some say, using this treadmill is like training with a “machine made for marathoners.” It features an on/off cushioning, an automatic incline and decline, and high-def video workouts filmed at the Boston race course. These are shown on a 7-inch color touchscreen. Plus it’s got a great sound system, a great addition for those who can’t run without their music playing on the background.

Additionally, this equipment boasts an inclusion of iFit®, the ndustry-leading workout technology that’s available on certain treadmills in homes with wireless Internet. It can tap into Google Maps in order to simulate the hills and valleys of actual terrain. Plus, iFit lets you exercise with the virtual help of Jillian Michaels, race against Facebook friends, download new workouts and other amazing features. Finally, this treadmill has a maximum user weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Best Non-Folding Commercial Treadmill

If you have a large space for a treadmill and you don’t really necessarily need to fold it for storage every after use, the Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill is one smart choice. Sole Fitness is a brand known for durable, quality exercise equipment, and they didn’t fail their reputation with the TT8 treadmill. The parts are made from high-quality materials; the motor, belt, and deck are built for a lifetime of regular use. And users can attest to that. Moreover, you’ve got a lot of room to run. TT stands for “twenty-two.” The track measures 22” wide x 60” long. The track is extra dubrable as well; it moves on 2-inch wide rollers. Moreover, it is already lubricated with wax when sold  to reduce the need for maintenance.

The TT8 treadmill has a very powerful motor, which operates at 4.0 horse power. Depsite this, it is relatively quiet. It supports a high speed of 12 mph, so it’s just right for runners. It is also built with a 9” LCD with blue backlighting. This screen is relatively basic but it’s crisp, easy to use and commercial quality. Built-in speakers are integrated into the machine as well. Finally, It has a wireless heart rate monitor, which can provide you information on your exertion level, and speed/incline controls built into the arm rails.

Best Treadmill with Heart Rate Control

A treadmill that boasts a heart rate control is the Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill. This machine features 25 fitness programs  that will help you get fit. These programs targets your performance level for  running, endurance, distance, fat burning, cardio fitness, and more. It features a heavy-duty powerful 3.0 horsepower motor, an extra-large running surface and one-touch speed adjustment. It is also constructed with eheavy-duty powerful 3.0 horsepower motor, an extra-large running surface and one-touch speed adjustment that can take vigorous pounding and jarring. Finally, there’s no need to be bothered by machine noise as this one works quietly.

Top-Rated Cardio Commercial Treadmill

Another good-looking treadmill is the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill. The price tells it all: this is a premium product that resonates quality in its truest sense. It is constructed with a 4.0HP heavy duty motor enabling the machine to cope with continuous use, a heart rate facility, the latest cardio technology that lets you vary your workout, different workout programs, built-in speakers for your music needs while doing your exercise, and the latest FLEX Shock suspension system for a smoother and more enjoyable running. Boredom is indeed a no-no with this machine.