Best Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bars

usmc_marine_corps_pull_up1A pull-up bar is perhaps the most challenging muscle strength tester among the pieces of equipment available on the market. It is also one of the most effective body weight exercises for back muscles. It is because of this that many workout routines incorporate the pull up as one of the main exercises when you’re working your upper body.

There are different types of pull-up bars you can buy, and one of them is the ceiling-mounted pull-up bar. As its name implies, this is the type of bar where you have to fix it on your ceiling. Its advantage is that it gives your legs enough space to move. But with so many models being sold, choosing one that will fit your neeeds can be challenging. To help you out, here are some suggestions.

Best Rated Ceiling-Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is one of the best–selling pull-up bars out there, thanks to its durability and performance. It fits 16″ and 24″ joists and is ergonomically designed to reduce strain, which can contribute to more effective workout. It also features the ideal 20″ spacing on the parallel grips and angled bars for a more natural grip position.

Another great feature of this pull-up bar is the brand’s latest innovation, which is the Dual Position Risers. Whether you are installing below floor joists spaced 16″ on-center or ceiling joists with 24″ on-center spacing, the reversible Dual Position Risers adjust to fit your application without taking up valuable floor space in your home. Additionally, it boasts a state of the art combination of grip angles previously only available on commercial gym equipment. By providing a more natural hand position during chin ups, parallel grip and wide grip pull ups, the finely tuned angled grips help you avoid strain on the shoulders, wrists, and elbows. The bars drop 14″ from your ceiling providing plenty of head room and a full range of motion.

Best High-Quality Pull-Up Bar

The Wright Exercise Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is a high-quality piece of exercise equipment that won’t let you down. Its heavy-duty, commercial quality will give you peace of mind when it comes to durability and stability. This is why it can hold up any user who weighs not over 300 pounds.

Mounting this pull-up bar is a breeze, thanks to the fact that all the hardware pieces are already included in the package. The mounting arms are 48″ apart, so you’re going to hit two different joists if your house is built to spec. It is 50-inch wide and can be placed 12 or 24 Inch from the ceiling, giving you enough room for your legs. Overall, this pull-up bar is great for cross-training and home gym workoout routine.

Best Rated Pull Up Bar

Another top choice for ceiling-mounted pull-up bar is the Ultimate Body Press Wall or 9ft Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar. Its precision 48″ on-center mount holes perfectly span 16″ and 24″ ceiling joists or wall studs. Moreover, its 22″ risers are ideal for 9′ ceilings. Since this product is nearly 2-feet out from the wall, it provides better clearance for the feet plus you just don’t feel scrunched up against the wall.

The fit and finish of this model is impressive as well. The triangular piece at the top is a very solid,reinforcement that gives an extra level of protection versus those that just have a straight “t” connection. There are a total of four contacts to hold it to the ceiling. This is an especially important point if you are heavier — a single point of contact can strip or come loose. Four points (2 on each side) makes for a much more secure hold with better distribution of weight.