Best Ab Crunch Machines on the Market

toned-abs-fastOne of the most popular ab exercises is the crunch. Although it doesn’t necessarily need any machine for one to successfully do it, there are studies that have found this exercise to cause neck and lower-back strain, which can be a major reason for you to quit doing ab crunches. This is where an ab machine comes in: it eliminates the strain without compromising the results you can possibly get from doing the exercise.

If you want to rip the benefits of ab crunches, better get an ab machine. Take note, though, that since there is no one-size fits all model, it is advisable to try out a few before deciding on which one to buy. Tohelp you out narrow down the list of those you would want to try, we have a roundup below that lists down the features of the best ab rollers on the market.

Best Rated Ab Crunch Machine

The Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout is one of the exercise machines that have received high ratings on Amazon, and it is not hard to see why. For starter, it boasts dual resistance springs for abs and core strengthening. It also offers eight different eight workout options, giving you more options to spice up your workout a little more. This way, you will be motivated to do your fitness routine.

Another good thing about this machine is that its targets the upper, middle, lower abs and obliques. Its adjustable resistance is also a good addition as it enables the machine to cater to beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. It comes fully assembled, so you can get into your ab crunches right after you take it out from its box. Finally, you can get this anywhere you want, even when you travel far. It can be folded and stored easily.

Best Ab Roller for the Money

The AB Roller Pro is yet another great choice for those who want to tone their ab muscles. It helps you isolate and strengthen your core ab muscles. This is crucial if you’re main objective is to tighten and tone your abs.

Its new sleek design doesn’t hurt for the money either. And thanks to its ergonomic design that supports your head, neck and upper body, you need not to worry about strains on those parts of your body. Finally, you need no assembly time; you can do your crunches right after opening its box.

Best Ab Crunch Machine Under $30

The Perfect Fitness Crunch lets you do your crunches as comfortable as possible. With its design, you can do a number of exercises. Except from the standard ab crunch, you can flip it over to do pushups, dips and other forms for a total-body workout. Moreover, it reduces strain on your head and neck. Finally, it is the perfect machine for all fitness levels without you having to pay a high price.