Top-Rated Inversion Tables to buy for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is something most of us would sufffer some time in our lives. Its intensity can range from a dull, constant pain to a sudden, sharp ache that makes it difficult for you to move. It can also start quickly when you do something, such as lifting things, or it can get worse throughout […]

Best Rated Inversion Tables On the Market

A number of studies over the past few years have proven the benefits of of inversion therapy. For one, it is effective in improving posture and rejuvenating the spinal discs. This is why the inversion table is such an integral part of inversion therapy. An inversion table can help realign the spinal column, which, in turn, […]

Best Front-Drive Elliptical Machines on the Market

Front-drive elliptical machines are among the best pieces of exercise equipment that are ideal for in-home gym. They have been around for the longest among the diffferent types of elliptical machines. They also tend to be more compact and cheaper. But what exactly is a front-drive elliptical machine? A front-drive elliptical trainer is one that […]

Best Rated Elliptical Machines Under $2000

If running has been one of your go-to exercise or want to add it to your weekly schedule, you know it has heaps of health benefits, especially to your heart’s health. However, there will be days when running at the park, on the street or anywhere outside may just b the worst idea. It may […]

Best Kettlebells Money Can Buy

Kettlebell training has gained popularity just recently as fitness professionals have begun introducing it to mainstream. And with this popularity comes a whole bunch of companies making kettlebells. How would one find the right one to buy? Finding the right kettlebell can be overwhelming. Knowing what sizes to purchase and brands to invest in can be […]

Best Rated Treadmills for Under $500

Treadmills are one of the most sought-after exercise equipment on the market because of their versatility and effectiveness in helping people lose weight or maintain their ideal weight. Aside from those reasons, treadmills offer a straightforward yet efficient aerobic workout that is tolerated but most, if not all, people. After all walking and jogging are […]

Best High-End Hybrid Elliptical Machines to Buy

Elliptical machines are among the best types of exercise equipment because of its high intensity but low-impact workout offering. They are also usually equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, making your exercise a truly amazing experience. They are so popular that when you go in a gym, you’ll see people flocking these machines. This is […]

Top-Rated Hybrid Elliptical Trainers

Can’t decide whether to get a recumbent bike or an elliptical machine? Why not get them both but with the price of one? With the advancement of technology, manufacturers had finally come up with a product t that can be used in to ways. The hybrid elliptical trainer is exactly that: one part recumbent bike, […]

Best Rated Hybrid Elliptical Machines

Hybrid elliptical machines, which are also known as cross-trainer or elliptical bikes, combine the mechanism of an elliptical and an indoor bike. You can use them either of two ways, standing or sitting. The advantage of this is that you get the benefits of two machines but only paying for one. And instead od spending […]

Best Folding Ellipticals on the Market

Elliptical machines are easy on the joints and low impact all the while providing you the chance to work out both your upper and lower body for ultimate calorie burn. These machines use cushioned pedals and a drive system that creates a smooth, circular motion that is similar to walking or jogging. Their difference with actual […]